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  • Keto Friendly Shamrock Shake

    You don't have to miss out this Saint Patty's Day! Try out this Healthy Shamrock Shake Recipe and get your Green Shake Fix in!    INGREDIENTS ...
  • Keto & Diabetic Friendly Whipped Cream

    Yes... You can enjoy treats while doing keto!  A favourite topping for us has always been fresh whipped cream on any of our dessert bars, shakes, ...
  • Mediterranean Salad

    This healthy Mediterranean Salad recipe makes  a flavourful, crunchy salad. This salad is packed with cucumber, tomatoes, riced cauliflower, and feta cheese. Our recipe makes an easy and fool-proof summer salad for all occasions. This fresh salad is also suitable those following a low-carb, keto, diabetic, Banting, or vegetarian diet.

  • Sweeteners and Sugar Alcohols - What to use and what to avoid

    We are all know that sugar is not an option when you are eating a low carb, keto or a diabetic style diet.  Luckily, there are many options readily available that can allow some sweetness in our lives.  The big question is which ones should you use, and which ones should you avoid? 

  • Walking Keto Tacos

    Keto Walking Taco Recipe Using Quest Chips.  

    Once you move over to a keto or low carb diet, traditional tacos simply switch over to a taco salad which are definitely a delicious substitute.  Sometimes you just need that extra little bit of crunch.  
    This recipe will have you feeling like you are cheating your diet but you will still be keto-ing on, keeping those carbs low, lean proteins moderate and healthy fats high. 
  • Are you getting enough fresh veggies on keto?

    The importance of eating fresh veggies on keto.  

    A common misconception when eating a ketogenic diet is that you can eat as much bacon and cheese that you want.  

    This is completely false information.  

    The idea of it sounds amazing... Who wouldn't want to have a diet full of bacon & cheese and lose weight in the process? While you may lose weight by eating this way (due to heavily reducing your carb intake), this is not recommended. Obviously, this is not a healthy way of eating. Just because you are looking to increase your fat content and reduce your carbs doesn't mean that you shouldn't focus on eating a balanced diet.  



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