Walking Keto Tacos

Have you ever had the pleasure of a walking taco? I mean, who doesn't love tacos in any form? 

Once you move over to a keto or low carb diet, traditional tacos simply switch over to a taco salad which are definitely a delicious substitute.  Sometimes you just need that extra little bit of crunch.  
This recipe will have you feeling like you are cheating your diet but you will still be keto-ing on, keeping those carbs low, lean proteins moderate and healthy fats high. 
We like using ground turkey or chicken for our tacos, though you can use any lean ground meat you wish. 
  • Cook & brown your meat completely and drain any fats
  • Add your spice - We always use a homemade blend to avoid any added sugars (chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika & cumin are our go-to)
  • Add your spices slowly and continuously taste your (cooked) meat to ensure you've got the right spice level to your liking.  
  • Once you have your meat perfectly spiced, open a bag of your favourite Quest Chips (buy here) and gently crush the chips.  
  • Add a scoop of your cooked ground meat and top with your favourite taco toppings.  Keep them healthy! Avocado, a few diced tomatoes, romaine lettuce or spinach, jalapenos, cilantro, and of course some cheese (not the pre-grated kind!) 

Guilt free tacos!! Definitely want to get this one on the menu rotation! 

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