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Eating a specialized diet doesn't need to be complicated or difficult. Using the SugarFree IQ platform makes eating simple and satisfying. When we started our lifestyle change, it was nearly impossible to find healthy options for our busy schedules. We found a problem, and decided that there had to be options for others that struggle with specialized diets. We have brought in help from a Registered Dietitian to ensure that our way of eating is a safe option for you and will give you the results that you are looking for in this lifestyle.

When we started this lifestyle, there were many items that we were no longer able to eat. This was something that we struggled with and missed. We found a problem and decided to find a solution. Together, we have been able to not only replicate meals that were no longer part of our diets, but make them taste just as good as the original... if not better!

We take pride in our products and ensure that everything is made completely from scratch.  This means we grate our own cheese, chop our own vegetables and even crush our tomatoes for the sauces. There is nothing processed in our meals, which are all carefully made in our kitchen with love and care. SugarFreeIQ completely understands the seriousness of these restrictions and work hard to provide you with meals that not only fit into your macros but taste delicious. No shortcuts & no dirty hidden ingredients ever. 



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