Covid19 Safety Plan

To Our Valued Customers, 

We want you to know that we are taking this pandemic very seriously.  

We have always had very strict cleaning protocols in place since opening in January 2020... even more so now.  

  • Staff Members must wear masks while working 
  • Hand washing mandatory between each task
  • Disinfecting every surface between each task 
  • All equipment MUST be sanitized between each task.  This must be done with a bleach mixture or in the sanitizing dishwasher.  Please ensure that the dishwasher is hitting proper temperature at the beginning of every shift. 
  • It is recommended at this time that customers wear masks in the store
  • It is required that all customers sanitize their hands upon entering the store
  • Maximum of 12 people in the store at once
  • Customers must keep a minimum of 6 feet apart at all times. 
  • All common surfaces MUST be sanitized every 30 minutes.  Debit machine is to be wiped between each customer.  
  • Public washroom is to be sanitized between each patron
  • Dine in is no longer encouraged.  If a customer would like to dine in, they must sign in and provide name, phone number, email and date.
  • Customers must complete a health check to dine in. 

If you have any concerns about our public safety plan, please feel free to reach out directly.



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