Are Your Products Really All Made In-House?

Absolutely! Everything here is made completely from scratch.  We do not bring in anything that is pre-made.  We grate our own cheese, we chop our own vegetables, and we crush our own tomatoes!

Is Everything Low-Carb & Keto Friendly?

At this point, yes! The only thing that could be considered a “dirty” keto is our bread as it uses a wheat gluten flour

How are you protecting customers during COVID-19? 

The safety of our customers is extremely important to us. For this reason we are paying careful attention to the recommendations from the Health Minister Dix and Dr. Bonnie Henry, and taking the appropriate steps to ensure all safety precautions are followed. This includes extra sanitation during food preparation and in all areas of our store. We go above and beyond to clean and social distance.
We are also now offering contactless delivery to locations within an hour’s radius of the store, for orders over $100.
Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Do I Need a Membership? 

Absolutely NOT! While having a membership can be very beneficial, it is definitely not required.  

Can I Walk In and Shop? 

Definitely! We would love to meet you! We have a large store front and even a sit in dining area.  Lunches are served Monday – Friday from 11 – 2.  

What Are Your Hours? 

We are open Monday – Friday from 10AM – 6PM and Saturdays from 11AM – 4PM.  We are currently closed Sundays and Holidays

What’s Gluten Free and What’s Not?

Everything in store is gluten free, except for our breads, hamburger buns, and hot dog buns. We are not a gluten free facility, however, we are very careful when doing our baking that nothing is cross contaminated. We have many Celiac customers that eat our food daily and have not had a problem.

What Sweeteners Do You Use?

We will only use Erythritol and Stevia for our products, which are natural and safe low glycemic alternatives.

I am Diabetic… What is Safe for Me to Eat?

Literally… EVERYTHING! We work with many physicians and endocrinologists who highly recommend our products to their patients. Our products will not spike your blood sugars, and are a very safe alternative to getting quality homemade meals that you otherwise couldn’t eat back in your diet. If there was ever a store catered to the Diabetic Diet, this would be it! We now have multiple regular customers that eat our food only who have either drastically reduced their medication or even completely stopped taking it.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We will always do our best to get your orders out as soon as possible.  As a small new business with limited staff and a global pandemic, sales trends are still very unpredictable.  For the most part, items are generally available.  There are times, however, where we need to produce the items due to unpredictable large orders.  We do not cut any corners here, which means some items may take 3 days to produce.  (Order ingredients, get ingredients delivered, and complete multi step recipes from scratch by hand) It’s a big job, but it’s always worth the wait!

Do You Deliver?

Absolutely! We will deliver one hour from the store. Please note – Contactless deliveries are now the way of life… We ask that you are home at the time of delivery or leave a cooler at the door to ensure that nothing will go bad. Don’t forget, you are getting quality homemade foods that have zero preservatives. This means that our products will go bad if given the opportunity. If no one answers the door (we will wait to ensure it is picked up) or there is no cooler, we will not deliver your product and you will be responsible for a $25 re-delivery fee. Delivery fees apply. 


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What is your Privacy Policy? 

You can read our Privacy Policy here. Included are instructions on how to contact us if you have any concerns or questions. 





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