Kickstart Your Keto Workshop

Kickstart Your Keto Workshop

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Big News! We are excited to host a Keto Workshop at SugarFreeIQ on August 16th, 2020.


Our Wonderful Registered Dietitian & Keto/Diabetes Specialist, Lana Danielis will be here to help you Kickstart Your Keto and answer any questions that you may have.


Entry: $25 per Person (10 Person MAX)



-1 Hour Workshop Learning all the in and outs about the Keto Lifestyle.

-5 Keto Friendly Recipes

-1 Meal from SugarFreeIQ

-A slice of SugarFreeIQs Famous Cake


Restrictions & Rules

-Guests may NOT be showing any symptoms of cough or cold, or have had any close contact with anyone who may have been sick.

-Face Mask Required (We sell for $10 if Required)

-10 Guest Maximum Capacity.



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